Second refashion under my belt.

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Another refashion!   I pulled out my trusty serger and went to town on one of my large eddie bauer shirts.   I took a shirt that does fit to give me an idea of width.  So sides gone.  Next I took the neckline and sketched out a wider line.   Done and done.   I think a good starter for both a refashion era and serger era.

Refashion: White Shirt BeforeRefashion: White Shirt Taken InRefashion: White Shirt Neck ModRefashion: White Shirt Finished

A day of scrapbook-i-ness

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I had a great time today!  Hanging out with my ma, looking at various crafty eye candy, and shopping.  Who can not like shopping?  Well, maybe the next day if it was overdone, but still fun.

Ma drove herself up to the house early in the morning and we all went out to grab some breakfast.   We went to Gilbert’s Deli in downtown Bellevue.  Always good food and always too much.

CKC Seattle 2009

CKC Seattle 2009

Jeff then dropped us off at the Meydenbauer Center where there was long long lines to get into the vendor faire.  It was quite funny how long it was because after we got our tickets to go in, the line was already gone. :)

CKC Seattle 2009

We walked all the whole faire and gazed at all the new scrapbooking paper, embellishments, and tools like this glue tape gun.  We tried it after the lady showed us how ease it is to remove the carteridge as well as place it in backwards to cover the tape end while traveling.  Very handy!  So we both got one.

We also found this awesome booth / group called Cocoa Daisy.  I think I saw there stuff before and its basically a kit company where they bundle stuff together to do scrapbooking and have a new kit every month.  I ended up signing up for their subscription.  There kits had awesome stuff like 7Gypies, Jenni Bowlin, Basic Grey, etc.  All companies that I dig.

After this booth, we found good $1 bargains as well as the booth is what I all “Basic Grey” booth where they have all new Basic Grey lines.  Wonderful paper goodness. Everywhere in the faire had awesome scrapbooking products, but we soon got through the whole faire and was tired.  So we left to go home and upgrade Ma’s mac to OS X 10.6.

CKC Seattle 2009

While the computer was installing 10.6, we popped over to the Value Village in Redmond where there is always awesome findings, but only lasted so long as we missed lunch.  So we picked up a pizza on the way home and called it a day.

Was that enough craftiness for the day?  Sure, but I did get in a bit of actually using crafts and created the front to one of my albums.  Finally.  With my newly bought stuff too!  :)

Memory feeds imagination

Now I am tired and so am sleeping in tomorrow.

Just another manic friday

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Busy week.  that’s all i gotta say.  Did as much art as i could do everyday but haven’t posted to share with all AEDM peeps.

Be Happy in Chaos

As part of {12.31} project, i’m working to find out what colors I want to use. I thought the project would start today but it sounds like it’ll be awhile before. So playing with colors and any holiday stock of paper and things to be ready for when the project starts.

Colors for 12.31Craft items for {12.31}

Sleepy now.  Getting up early to do the scrapbooking convention and hanging out with the mother unit.  It’ll be fun.

when i fall…

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Not much going on…  got my hair done today and worked.   Just one of those days where you go do X, then time to do Y, and in the end, catch some Zzzzs ;)

when i fall

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If only I had super powers…

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…I’d probably be asked to do more in a day.

Just super duperToday was a good day back at work: easy yet lame.  I doubt having any super powers would help the day get any better but definitely open more job opportunities.  I’d probably be on call and not get any more sleep than I would these days.

All I gotta say is I’m happy that I finally got to go to trainer session today.  I am ready to kick my booty into shape and prepare for that snow season.  Maybe once the snow comes i’ll be so pumped that i could do flips…. ok. maybe not.

So remember yesterday where i said i signed up for that “Art Every Day Month”?  Well the journal entry to the right is my art for today.  I think I’ll add more to the page but after working out, i didn’t have much time or energy to actually spend time on it.

All in all… I got another day done.

On another note, I’ve been hinting to a certain person about something I did.  Not sure if that certain person reads these posts and knows that I’m talking about that person or if they know what will be coming by the end of the week.  Tee hee. I wanna so tell that person but I’m working up the surprise. tee hee.

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¡Feliz Día de los Muertos!

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Wow it’s already November!  How time flies when you don’t notice.

¡Feliz Día de los Muertos!November 1st means Day of the Dead!  Woo hoo!  Not only do you get a day to dress up in a cool costume but the next day has more celebrations!  I dig the decorations for today’s holiday.  I finally got to my DOTD skull today.  Quite fun and relaxing to doodle with bright colors on a pure white skull.  It’s even better that I finally had energy to do something.

Last week was c¡Feliz Día de los Muertos!razy.  Being sick for practically the whole week but not having the same symptoms as Jeff made it difficult to realize that I was sick.   Jeff felt ill on Monday and I think I finally gave in on Wednesday.  I’m not sure what type of flu it was but it sucked the energy right out of doing anything except for sleep, eat, and drink.  I’m glad that it’s finally gone and definitely happy it was before we go to San Diego in a few weeks.

San Diego will be interesting as I think we’re going to Disneyland with young niece and nephew.  I’m unsure if it really has been settled that we’ll be going to Mickey’s house but I know we’ll be going to a concert for Edgar Winter.   That’ll be a hoot!!  It’ll be good to take some time off.

I’ve also signed up for a few online art things.   One is for the whole month of November.   Everyday, I will be doing something artsy.  It’s called Art Every Day Month by Leah [ Creative Everday].  I stumbled upon it today and thought it would be a great kick-off to my other art thing: { 12.31 } by Dawn DeVries Sokol [ D'Blogala ].  It’s all about documenting the holidays through creating your own journal and something other things that I haven’t heard yet.  The project starts on November 6th and goes to the end of December.  I’m excited.

So today’s skull design is brought to you by my first day of ADEM.  Enjoy.

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Ok, feet. Do your walkin…

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Hey you.  Long time no writing.   Well, I’m back and might just write a bit more after this get together…

I’m not one for words or too chatty.  I wonder if anyone even reads this blog or is even interested in anything I post on here.  Write me a comment below if you do.  I’m curious.

Things going on around here?  Well, too much work is what I say.  What too much work give you?  A sore back and hips.  Oh am I sore.   It’s so easy to get off of work and sit down to cruise the web.   So easy in fact that it’s addictive and could keep a person occupied without too much thought needed.

First your looking at your email or the news or a blog you like to read.  A topic pops out at you so you go and search more on that topic or there’s a link on that leads you to more information.  Soon enough you’ve spent hours on end just going no where.  Sure. You’ve learned a bit more about sewing, saw a cute design of a room, or found out the next soap opera moment for Jon & Kate.   Is it really worth the few hours spent mindlessly in front of a computer after the amount of time spent at work in front of the computer?  Its addictive and as bad as a couch potato.

Of course, then there’s the mobile phone.   I work for a mobile phone company and so its easy to land the latest new phone, but is that a good thing?   Everytime I’m sitting and waiting I have the urge to pull out my phone and do something.  Look at email, at text messages, at facebook, or surf the web some more.  There’s always an urge to keep busy, to get that stimulus, or to be entertained.  It makes me wonder what’s all this media leading us to?

The only thing I can imagine what all this stimulus addiction would lead to is that scene in Wall-e where all the people on the ship “ark” are sitting in floating chairs with a screen in front of them.   Barely any body movement.  Barely any phyical interaction except for through the tele that is always on and always feeding info / stimuli.

So with this back pain, stiff hips, and irritable mood, what’s really worth my time?  Sitting in front of the computer or tv?  This is what I ponder.

Ahhh… that was a good weekend.

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This weekend ending up being a pretty good one.  Usually the weekend goes by fast

and I don’t get anything done.   I’ve cleaned out my craft room and made the extra stuff disappear.   THEN on Sunday, I found a great deal on a solid wood standing table off of Craiglist.  I’ve been looking on CL for-ev-ah!!  So I had to switch my organized room around to accommodate for it.

I have a little more organizing and cleaning to do but I am SO HAPPY!  I got a standing workstation.  So awesome.

I’ve also signed up for “A Prompt A Day” by Kelly Kilmer.  It’s a month of getting techniques and prompts from a person who does fantastic art journalling and collage.   I already done the first day’s work.

The background was interesting to make.  Adding a little paint when applying and adding layers of paint as you go.   This prompt was “Things that make me Happy”  With such a great day today, it was easy to make a list.  Jeff is at the top of course and today is our 5th anniversary!  Woo hoo!  Even though we got married on a leap year day, we chose today to be the one to celebrate.

On Friday, i surprised Jeff with a cake. On our wedding day, we bought got one bite of the wedding cake we got from Hoffman’s Bakery in Kirkland.  So I ordered one with what I could remember what we ordered for our wedding day.  Well, it turned out a bit different and freakishly heavy buttercream frosting.  When we got there, I realized I needed to ask for a princess torte.  The inners of the cake was good, but the thick buttercream on the outside was nothing special.  Totally could do without it.

So all is good.   Jeff and I went to Tully’s after picking up the table and the total came to $7.77.  Then later on we went to Relax the Back for a new tempurpedic pillow for me but came out with buying a tempurpedic mattress.  They cost a pretty penny but we got a floor model that hasn’t hit the floor.  So it’s new and we get 25% off.  Such a bargain that we went with it as we have been thinking about it for some time.

I swear we need to buy a lottery ticket with this such luck.

I’ve done it again!

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I’ve joined Wardrobe Refashion and pledge for 2 months.   I’ve tried this before and no luck.  Either there is not enough time in the day or my scaredy cat self is too chicken.

So today I start!   I have many projects to start and variety of fabric to use.   A few men’s slacks I’ve been wanting to reconstruct is on the list as well.   Watch for later postings on my refashion adventure!!

Other things that are going on are organizing.  Sounds like fun right?   Well, when there’s too much stuff that you keep cleaning and cleaning and cleaning I doubt any organzing will assist.  So I’m going through my craft room and removing all the extra baggage that is in the way.

A lot of fabric is going to a friend I met at Urban Craft Uprising show.  She makes these wonderful resusable / collasable totes.  Check it out: I’m sure she’ll do fantastic things with the fabric i’ve collected from thrift stores and craiglist.

I’m also thinning my scrapbooking / crafts / art stash.   My sister mistakenly agreed to take it. (HA HA Ami!!) I hope she will put it to good use because I’ve got so much that who knows when I will get it.

I better get crackin’ on some things.  Until I post again!

cheers, MJ

And the winner of the beautiful bird….

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….is….   Ledeczki Anna!   Congrats!   This is my first blog giveaway and having more than 5 people post on one post.    Please send me an address to maryjojo (at) and I’ll get it out the door on Monday!

Thank you all for playing.  It was a blast!