If only I had super powers…

November 2nd, 2009 by maryjojo | Filed under art journal.

…I’d probably be asked to do more in a day.

Just super duperToday was a good day back at work: easy yet lame.  I doubt having any super powers would help the day get any better but definitely open more job opportunities.  I’d probably be on call and not get any more sleep than I would these days.

All I gotta say is I’m happy that I finally got to go to trainer session today.  I am ready to kick my booty into shape and prepare for that snow season.  Maybe once the snow comes i’ll be so pumped that i could do flips…. ok. maybe not.

So remember yesterday where i said i signed up for that “Art Every Day Month”?  Well the journal entry to the right is my art for today.  I think I’ll add more to the page but after working out, i didn’t have much time or energy to actually spend time on it.

All in all… I got another day done.

On another note, I’ve been hinting to a certain person about something I did.  Not sure if that certain person reads these posts and knows that I’m talking about that person or if they know what will be coming by the end of the week.  Tee hee. I wanna so tell that person but I’m working up the surprise. tee hee.

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6 Responses to “If only I had super powers…”

  1. Kelly Geurts says:

    I love the collage. The pierced metallic piece gave me some ideas for my own work. Thanks!

  2. marianne says:

    perfect journal entry for those days where there’s too much to do & no time!

  3. Sam says:

    Great journal page. I wish I had super powers too – super sleeping powers ;-)

  4. Rebecca says:

    Fun textures!
    What do the words say?

  5. maryjojo says:

    It says “Sometimes I wish I had super powers” :)

  6. linda says:

    Beautiful art journal page…I think we all wish to be super hero-ish at some point…but the best heroes also show their humanity, flaws, weaknesses – all of it!

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