Just another manic friday

November 6th, 2009 by maryjojo | Filed under just a post.

Busy week.  that’s all i gotta say.  Did as much art as i could do everyday but haven’t posted to share with all AEDM peeps.

Be Happy in Chaos

As part of {12.31} project, i’m working to find out what colors I want to use. I thought the project would start today but it sounds like it’ll be awhile before. So playing with colors and any holiday stock of paper and things to be ready for when the project starts.

Colors for 12.31Craft items for {12.31}

Sleepy now.  Getting up early to do the scrapbooking convention and hanging out with the mother unit.  It’ll be fun.

5 Responses to “Just another manic friday”

  1. Meredith says:

    Your selection of scrapbooking paper is tantalizing me…

    I like the way you’ve laid out the post, with black & white art followed by color swatches for as-yet-unborn art. :) Good luck on AEDM and the new project!

  2. Janet says:

    This looks like a wonderful project. Good luck at the convention.

  3. Leah Virsik says:

    I like your black and white page. Is this in a book? It reminds me a quilt and I like all the different patterns together.

  4. maryjojo says:

    It is in a book. I had an itch to go b&w and randomly placing paper on the page.

  5. Susan Reep says:

    Be Happy in Chaos is fantastic. And I love Just Another Manic Friday. This ADEM is so cool for connecting with other artists.

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